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Thornbury is a small market town in the west of England, about 11 miles (18km) north of Bristol and 125 miles (200km) west of London.

Thornbury is an ancient market town. The settlement of "Thornbyrig" is noted as far back 896. "Turneberie" was documented in the domesday book (1086) as a manor, one of the estates of Queen Matilda, wife of William the Conqueror. However, a recent discovery of a horde of Roman coins which appear to be attributed to Constantine the Great suggest that people were settling in Thornbury around 300AD. There is also evidence of Iron Age settlement in the surrounding area (the Bronze Age being between around 2700BC - 700BC).

The earliest parts of Thornbury’s St. Mary’s Church are thought to have been built around the 12th century, with additions being made over the centuries.

The castle (now a renowned hotel and restaurant) was designed around 1510 for Edward Stafford, third Duke of Buckingham, but was not completed after Stafford was executed for treason.

Today, Thornbury is home to around 12,000 residents. The cattle market around which the town has grown no longer operates, though after a brief period of absence, the Saturday retail market is now back. The picturesque High Street brings visitors from around the area, and the museum provides much information on Thornbury and its history.

Thornbury is twinned with the town of Bockenem in Germany.

Each year, Thornbury has a number of events including a mop fair, a summer carnival, and an arts festival.

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